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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rvsuper, May 21, 2002.

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    I got a job mowing the little league field around here and I have to use my business mower. I have to use a reel mower, which I have no expirince with. What kind should I start out with? What's the easiest to run?
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    You say "I have to use my business mower" and then you say "I have to use a reel mower". Are you saying you are going to have to buy one for this job? If so I hope you figured that in your bid.

    Do you own a reel mower now? Are you able to maintain the blades and bed knife? If you buy one who will sharpen it? Are you familuar with how to care for the type grass you will be maintaining?

    I'm just asking to make sure you haven't bit off more than you can chew.

    A good reel mower for that size field would cost $1500+++
  3. bmh1202

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    I don't have to use your business mower, but you don't have any experience with it??? Anyway, I used to work at the Little League Baseball Headquarters on the grounds crew. We used to use a Locke reel mower. It was only like 24" wide so it took a while to do a ball field. we used to mow every other day. The only thing that was bad was the fact that if you make a mistake with your lines, it's a pain to correct them. The neat thing was that you could do some really cool designs with the striping. Just make sure that you keep the blade sharp.
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    Why do you have to use a reel mower? Is it just for the infield? (Surely they don't expect you to cut the whole thing with a small reel like you would use on the infield.) What type of mower is your business mower? They may think it has to be cut with a reel, because that is what they've read, or heard that that is the mower of preference. As long as the heights are right, I think you'll be alright, and if it's stripes or designs they're looking for, that can be done without a reel, too. I don't think it's written in stone, anywhere that a reel HAS to be used. We had an Athletic Director at a local school system that I provide care to all their athletic fields, and he insisted on the use of a small reel on the infields (probably to justify the school's purchase). The maintenance staff begged me to talk to him to convince him that it could be done without the reel, since they didn't know both how to maintain it OR how to run it, basically. (It was too much work for them to walk the infield and bag all the clippings). So, I pursuaded him that as long as the height are correct, and they cut it often enough that there were no clumps or anything, (could affect the true roll), that they should be alright. They, (the maintenance workers) were forever grateful.:cool:

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