Reel Type ....Push/Hand.... Mowers ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Pawn, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Lawn Pawn

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    Friend maintains MILES of walking trails in the woods for recreational use... for the public... all at his own expense!?

    He is wondering about a QUIET mower for this purpose. He is looking at this, and asked my opinion.

    I do not think this would be the ticket as the debris alone on the trails would be it's down fall. Currently he uses old discarded gas push mowers that I keep running for him. Has a couple old riders as well for larger areas, and roughing in new trails.

    Any thoughts on ...silent... mowers that might work out? Yes... it would be in a limited capacity these could be used, and he understands that.
    Personally... I do not think they would work well, seeing what he is doing but told him I would post here and ask.
  2. shadrach

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    Debris is a problem. Grass being to tall is a problem. Keeping them sharp is also tricky.
  3. orangemower

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    I don't think you'll find anything that will work better then what he already is using. Reel mowers are a lot of work to keep them cutting good. With saplings and other weeds, tall grass, it's not going to last long at all.

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