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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jslawncare, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. jslawncare

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    Hey there guys. I am currently looking to expand. I have about 20 residential lots, but just west of town the lots get enormously bigger, most are an 1-2 acre, but some are even bigger than that. Since I will have a 48" JD and a 21" honda push mower, and a 38" CubCadet Ride on.



    I was wondering if i should try to tackle these houses, I know its a totally different breed of mowing (big lawns take more care to look nice), but I was thinking about hitting a few of them up. Perhaps charging in the area of about $40 for most acres...I'm pretty much a 1 man operation with my own truck (doin this to pay for school). I am going to create 3 types of flyers. In town flyers (charge $20) , in my neighborhood (bigger .5 acre lots) and rich people, I was going to charge $25, and then the acre ones, maybe even steeper (I dont really want them bad, but if i do great, so maybe $45) but its been awhile since we used to live on a 2 acre lot, and itd be a week or two before i got the handle on how to mow those large yards
  2. skrats

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    where are you mowing IL of Laf. ?
  3. Scraper

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    I'd say you are on the low side with all your prices except for the "in town" lots. For half acre lots around here, I get around $40 and the larger ones you speak of start at $60 (1 acre) and up depending on degree of difficulty and obstacles.
  4. rodfather

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    I think you better supply yourself with a larger mower if you want to tackle those size lawns. A 48" WB without a velke is gonna be a whole ton of walking on 1 and 2 acre lawns.

    A 52" WB with a velke would be the smallest I would recommend, probably a 61". If you could get your hands on a Z, so much the better.

    Prices are too low I feel.
  5. jslawncare

    jslawncare LawnSite Member
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    Well the in town ones are a roughly 1/4 acre and im charging 20, the ones that are a little farther away, (in my neighborhood) are about 1/2 acre and i charge $25 ( but these are 500k homes) and then the ones west are 1acre+. I am doing lawns in IL
  6. rodfather

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    If you are charging $20 for 1/4 acre, why only $25 for a 1/2 acre? Why not $40? It's double the size, isn't it? Besides being ridiculously low, that makes absolutely no sense (literally).

    I am not trying to rain on your parade, just trying to help ya.
  7. jslawncare

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    Nah Im not offended, I had $25 bucks in my neighborhood for these half acre lots and some jackass came in charging $22, so I really can't afford to raise them. In town I seem to get a great response at $20 bucks. (which would be fine if i had a 54" deck, id fly through em). But out west my friend was charging $40 or $45 and he was doin alright so I figured thats what I would charge. $45 per acre. One question, do you think a gear deere 54" deck with 14" hp is gonna be enough or should it have 17 hp you think? the extra 3 hp is another like 900 bucs:(
  8. beck

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    dont let other people set your prices. Now you will be the "J******" by coming in and lowballing him.

    Know what you need to charge and charge it, if they don't like the price let someone else do it. Coming down by $5 from $25 to $20 is 20% off. So if you were going to make $20,000 you just cut that down to $16,000.
  9. lawnworker

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    No offense meant, but at your prices they would be reeling you in.
  10. jslawncare

    jslawncare LawnSite Member
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    Theres too much competition around here. I think I will keep the in town ones low and my neighborhood at $25, but I will raise the acre+ lots to more like $50 so I don't get too many yards.


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