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    does anyone out there use reels? thinking of converting a few to a reel and was wondering what others may have to say what they've done. i am thinking of cal-trim or old style retro toro rear throw,(can still get salvage for a couple more years)so anyway,front vs. rear and also feild damage control...pricing also.thanks<br>
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    We used reels in the 70's. With today's machines, today's market, and horticultural information (re: mowing height up) what are the motivating factors to use reels?
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    in seattle it's wet...reels will pick up wet feb. you can mow to .5 inch with a clean cut..doing this allows for several things-crane fly control,soil warm up,also allows for better pre-emergent application..(2 nights ago i picked up a mint '67 toro rear throw-with the original paint from a grandpas house!) plus the areas i work they will pay for the short look(in the summer mow taller) also scotts,as much as i hate them for what happened with vigoro commercial product line-ie. WOODACE-IBDU,will have on the market at a reasonable $$$ a dwarf rye grass...instant fake! that's where i'm going...i wouldn't use reels for commercial turf unless it was bill gates house...

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