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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, Apr 28, 2010.

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    If you guys are like me you have picked up more business from word of mouth than any other way. Just curious if you go the percent route or a specific number off? Some of my invoice may be for applications only ($50 or so) while others may be for mowing and apps ($200 or so). So there could be a big difference in 10% off or $25 off. Is this something you offer all year long or really try to push at the start of the season?
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    I offer a $50 discount to the referrer on next year's season package for every referral that signs up and sticks with me.
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    I have never given discounts for referals, although I have picked up alot of business through word of mouth. I always figured since I do a good job on their property they would refer me anyway. With that being said I am thinking about doing some sort of discount for this year. I like to cluster my business in specific neighborhoods, so giving a discount on referals may speed up the process of increasing my footprint in targeted areas. I am torn between a small discount or a free mow. I might do a free cut for the existing customer but not for the new account, maybe give them a small discount instead. I never like giving a free service to anyone, but over a course of the season, it may actually be cheaper than a discount.
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    I give a free mowing to both the new customer and the referal. Of coarse I am trying to drum up a lot of new business right now but I would atleast reward the referal with free cutting even if I wasn't. It is the best advertising and even if you give away a $40 or $50 cut it is still more cost effective than most types of advertising.
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