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  1. ProImage

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    Does anyone give incentives for refering a new client? If so, what? One free cut, % of the bill?
  2. 1MajorTom

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    I sent out a referral letter one year enclosed in our spring letter, and I found that we were getting customers refer us to an account that we didn't want, but they would still expect their incentive, which we had stated was one free cut. To us, it wasn't worth the hassle. Forget the referral letter, it just brings out the cheapies.
    Now our customers still refer us to new customers, and the ones that are doing the referring aren't doing it because they want something "free". And in turn, these referred accounts are MUCH better than the ones we were getting referred when we were giving something away free.
  3. ProImage

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    Thanks for the reply 1MajorTom. Just brainstorming on ways to get more customers. Thought I'd ask.
  4. BarefootLandGroup

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    Speaking of referrals, have you looked into a business development group/networking group in your area that you could join.

    I was skeptical about joining one until I actually did. The one that I am in ensures that every member is exclusive to their industry. So, being that I am a landscaping contractor that also does fertilization packages and lawn maintenance, I have all those areas wrapped up with my membership. That means that there is no other landscaping contractor in the group.

    Too make a long story short, my business increased 47% the year that I joined the group. Not only do I get the business from the members of the group, but I get the business that they refer me to due to the fact that the members are loyal to one another.

    It may be a great way to get over that hump with your customer base, and put you on the map for good. It definitely helped me....
  5. ProImage

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    BarefootLandGroup, thanks for the reply. How did you go about finding this networking group?

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