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  1. Henry

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    What do you say to a prospective client when you're trying to sell them something that you've only done once, at your own home, and they ask for references?
  2. heygrassman

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    "hey why don't you stop over for a beer and a burger and see how I put mine in." They can ask for a reference all day, chance of them getting to actually see the product is slim to none.

    -- No experience here and plan on using this. Still building clientiele.
  3. PAPS

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    I get a request for reference's nearly every time we do a large paver install (driveway's, pools)or a large retaining wall project, etc. So i give them a list of all the recent jobs we have completed. Most of the time the pending client does contact some names off the reference sheet and visits the jobs we ahve done. When i started out, and people asked me for a reference... i would explain to them that I was just starting out, and haven't done much work (i.e. pavers) I would give them a 100% satisfaction guarantee and insure them that i was a trained/qualified professional at whatever the work was that they wanted. So, I started doing small jobs and building some references, which in turn led to some monster size projects.

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