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    How do your referrals work? I've been giving current customers a discount on referrals. It always depends on the size of the job referred, but it usually is around 25% off the next application.

    What kind of "finders" fee do you give for referrals? Say maybe mowing company sends you a few referrals about people looking for apps.
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    It costs a lot of money in advertising and salesman's time to attain a new customer. Around $80.
    I used to give my customers their next application free. (Limited to value of about $100.)
    Also you can allow your customers to give a gift coupon to a friend or neighbor so that the friend or neighbor who signs up gets their first application free. Its like your customer can give their mother a free Birthday gift. Ask anybody; free is good.

    Referrals seldom shop around much, and they are easy to sell if you measure and quote the property promptly. Referrals usually pay promptly and seldom are a collections problem.
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    Thanks riggle I was starting to think that talking about a companies referral policy was as tight lipped as talking pricing!! haha!!

    Seeing what you do, maybe my referral discount for customers isn't high enough right now to encourage them to spread the word.

    I'm really interested in what people do with referrals from mowing companies or other businesses? There are a lot of mowing companies here and not a lot of app only companies. I would love to target the mowing companies so that I might be able to get out of mowing.

    Feel free to discuss or PM. My lips are sealed!
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    I give refferals next app for free. Works very well. I'm willing to eat the first app and can eat it. Like Riggle said, most refferals are the best ones you will have. Never any complaints, happy to see you and payment is prompt.
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