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    I am trying a referral mailer in mailing my monthly statements. I am asking for your help in wording it. this is what i have so far.

    Thanks for your continued support of R & R Yard Service. In our drive to become a better company, we would like to offer a way you can become part of the success. We are asking you for someone's name and phone number, so we could attempt to gain them as our customer. If we are successfu in obtaining them, then you will recieve a $25 referral credit on your next statement.

    R & R Yard Service.
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    Dear Valued Patron:

    I would like to take a moment of your busy time to say “Thank You” for all of your Support and Business last year. It has been a pleasure to work with you. It is because of customers like you, that we experienced another GREAT season this past year.

    I hope that you will allow us to continue this fine working relationship again this year. In an effort to expand our business we are looking to you, our valued partners. We appreciate your business and would like to further extend our “Thanks” by offering a discount to you for each referral.

    When Your Referral Gets Their First Invoice, We’ll Give You $10 OFF Yours!

    Hopefully, you will feel this is good news too. Until then, rest assured that R & R Yard Service is ready to tackle another season working with you!

    I look forward to working again with you soon.


    Glen O. Raggio, Jr.
    Title Here
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    Sounds like a good idea. The one thing I might suggest is offer a $25.00 credit to them if they refer your company to someone, and that person calls you and you get the job. That way you don't have to do the calling. Otherwise some one could just give you the name and number of someone they know just to get the discount, but that person may have no need for your services. Just my 2 cents.:)
  4. glenjr10

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    thanks for your input.

    i worked in the self-storage industry, and this is how they did some of their referrals, it was only if they came in and rented a unit, then we would call the original customer and tell them they recieve it, and thanks.
  5. bruces

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    This almost sounds like you are begging. I would reword it to something like "We are always looking for new customers. If you know of someone who could use our service, please give them our name and number. If your referral become a customer you will receive a referral credit of $25 after their first month as a customer. Thank you for your consideration."

    Personally, I would be a lot more comfortable giving a friend your number and letting them call you if they wanted. I would not want to give you a friends number and have you call them. If I were the friend, it would not make me happly.

    That's just my viewpoint - I do think your idea is good, I would just refine the approach.

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