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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mow Mony, Jan 11, 2014.

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    You and your partner are obviously both smart and hard working, that's a tough combo to beat, congratulations.
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    thanks! I think finding the right partner is very hard, in fact I can only think of one other person I would potentially go into business with at this point in my life. So while its worked great for us, in many instances no partner is probably the best idea. If its not a perfect fit, don't chance it would be my advice.

    I'm getting amped for next season already, been doing a lot of reading and ready to make some changes to take us to the next level.

    thanks for the feedback. my dad has many sayings like that as well, he is where I learned my work ethics from. He always told me, if you are going to do something, do it right the first time. And you are only as good as your word. Two things I keep it the back of my mind at all times.

    I have bid multiple commercial bids throughout the years, but we have gotten underbid on every single one that reached out to us for a bid. Every commercial property we have currently is the result of knowing someone within the company so we had an in. I also dislike the amount of time it takes to properly bid a commercial... I've wasted a whole day before measuring/preparing a bid and typing it up and then try to follow up and they just say...oh you were about 30% higher than the bid we went with, thanks though.

    The residential model works well if you do it properly and have the right systems in place (admittedly ours could use some improvement to help streamline everything) but now its just scaling it. Its exciting because I do remember thinking, man one day if we have 250 lawns we will be doing well for ourselves, and here we are. Keep it up man, and best of luck this year!

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    I keep reading about getting systems in place to be successful. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good system and model for obtaining residential customers. I'm sure there is a thread someone knows of just tell me and ill search for it no need to explain everything to me again if I can find it in an existing thread. Thanks guys
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    go on youtube and search lawncare millionare, he has hundreds of videos each pertaining to a specific topic regarding lawn care, and I have found most of his reasoning and advice to be right on the money. I have taken from his videos many ideas and procedures from how his company does things which I plan to implement this upcoming year.
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    I see you stated that you cut 250 accounts. That is a lot of accounts for only 2 crews cutting. Are your routes very tight? Also what type of advertising have you done over the years to make a route tight enough?
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    yes we keep them as tight as possible. One crew mows everyday M-F second crew doesn't mow fridays so we have some wiggle room to catch up from rain, or have just that crew help with landscape work if we have a lot.

    We have always focused on tight routes, and have turned down quite a bit of work outside of our targeted areas, which kept us more profitable than driving around more, but has also kept us from growing and expanding at a faster pace. We have one subdivision with close to 50 lawns, but we have been advertising in that neighborhood every year for 14 years since we were in high school. Around 7500 Door to door flyers has always been our approach each spring, and it guys the guys extra hours in the early season when we don't have a full schedule, which they appreciate. We have never done any mailings, but are considering it for this upcoming season. We also rank well on google which brings us a lot of leads. We also give current customers a free mowing for each referral. We admittedly have a very small marketing budget % wise up to this point, but are going to allocate some additional money this year for it.
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    Subscribing to your thread also.

    Great story. I had a partnership entity I started with a now former best friend, worked great for a month and a half until we disagreed on how money was handled (no surprise, my parents even recommended not doing it but I still went against their advice) and we ended it. Did about 10k in sales during that time and he just wanted the business as a second income to his construction job. Our group of friends was all mutual and they all had taken his side of it and that was the end of that. I learned exactly who my true friends were out of the deal which I think was the most valuable part of it and I'm glad we ended when we did as there were no assets to split or any of that.

    I also have to laugh at the people that say "commercial is the only way to make money". For a large company, that may work better with their systems however the margins are lower but it makes up in volume especially with maintenance.

    In my opinion and what I've witnessed so far in my market, a residential client is much more likely to want landscape upgrades as opposed to a commercial property and it's higher margin work, ie. patios, retaining/freestanding walls as opposed to mulch/rock and plants in most cases but that's just what I've seen so far.
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    Well said J... It's also a lot easier to sell a home owner than whoever you are dealing with at the commercial property. Sure, everybody has a budget but trying to squeeze an extra x amount of dollars out of the manager of a commercial property for something....... yikes! You would think I asked him for his first born child!
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