Reflection on the life of Mike Ariens

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    Today we reflect on the life of Ariens Company Chairman Emeritus Mike Ariens. He was a steady force though decades of change. For 55 years he was pointedly committed to the company’s purpose: to care for our customers like they were part of the family. We will never forget his love and passion for the outdoor power equipment industry and the Ariens Company. He will be missed.

    Michael S. Ariens: 1931 – 2015: A STEADY FORCE THROUGH DECADES OF CHANGE

    He was an amazing man and accomplished so much in his lifetime. He definitely made an impact on many people and was 100% dedicated to his family and his company.

    I want to share this video of Dan Ariens interviewing his Dad, Mike Ariens. This is one video in a series of videos produced to capture the milestone events of Ariens and Gravely over the years. These videos were shared at our 80th Anniversary celebration of Ariens Company in September of 2013.

    This video is titled "The Evolution of Gravely," and it says a lot about what Ariens Company is all about.

    We hope you enjoy this video, and thanks for your support of Gravely.

    Mary Lyn
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    Thanks for sharing the video and RIP Mr. Areins. I have been around Gravely tractors since I could crawl.

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