Refurbishing older trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 93Chevy, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Just so you don't fall over at counter. (A) it isn't at all auto paint supply stores..but some. (B) about $45-$55/qt. It is the best preventive measure you can spend on thou..your trailer is junk if frame rails get rusted to point of weak. What is nice about this is..the moisture 'strenghens' the paint. I am not associated to the company in any way..just going by experience- one of the few products that accually does all it is suppose to do. 1 qt goes a long way..use thou only on rusted (don't sand to shine- just loose stuff) metal and on inside of frame rail..not outside. if enough axles to just help keep from rusting..and the fact too expensive to waste - not real long shelf life..will get rock hard. P.S. get off of hands before drying or your wearing it for a month. Geno
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    ya i was referring to like napa, autozone, formally know as schucks, krager depending were ur at, 90% of them carry the dupli color bed coating, ive used each type of it and found the spray to hold up much much better and you spray a color over it and it will hold. i was going by my experiance and a cheap route, apply spray stripper, wash soap and water, let dry or blow dry with leaf blower, let sit for an hour mybe scuff up the metal a bit with some scotch pad reclean and the hit it with bed spray
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    I did this with an old 16ft tandem a few years ago. It had the normal rust and wood rot, as well as a very rigged electrical system! I actually did it the hard way, I went to town on it with a angle grinder and a drill mounted wire brush, I removed all the wood, and re-welded some stressed areas and got all the rust from where the boards sit, this was nasty, nasty work, and I had rust dust everywhere!! I wished I had thought to use a chemical stripper. The trailer did turn out nicely though, and I painted it with brush on rustoleum. It is kinda overwhelming to look at the trailer when it has no wood, and all the rust all over it!! And there is 4 sides to a piece of angle, so that is alot of grinding and brushing!!! It was a nice feeling when I was able to buy a brand new trailer last year, and didnt have to do any of that work to it!
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    They were rusted out at the bottom and had the tendency to sway back and forth, which does not vote well for any type of driving.
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    That sounds a lot better than going to with an angle grinder and sandpaper. Thanks for the advice.

    Thanks for the advice. I'll look into it. I'm trying to keep the project under $300, which I think I can do with stripper, paint, rust preventer, lumber, and electrical work. I might have some minor welding to do, but I can do that myself.

    Sounds like a fast way to get it done. I might consider the spray bed liner. Thanks for the advice.

    Yeah, I agree. I can't start the project until next Friday at earliest, as soon as I get back home for a week of break from school. I just hope I have enough time to get this all done because I have a lot of other stuff lined up. It'll be such a nice feeling when it's all over and I don't have to worry about it.

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    swing on over some time tim, i'l break out the compressor and air tools. we'll have that pupply lookin new in less than 3 days:drinkup:

    here's what you do, any place there's rust take it down to bare metal making sure you go at least an inch past where the rust stops in each direction. scuff the non rusted areas up real good with a red scotch pad. wipe everything down with mineral spirits or paint thinner, give the everything 3 light coats of rustoleum grey professional primer than top coat with whatever color you want. that specific primer is excellent stuff, i burn threw cases come nice weather. when you get paint chips the primer stays intact. very rarely will you get chipped/scratched to bare metal. have fun doin it:waving:
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    Thanks for the primer and rust advice George. :waving:

    You forgot to add topcoat with a layer of fluid film :hammerhead::laugh:

    I'll be up next Friday, have the couch cleaned off and a spot in the driveway. :laugh:

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    i'll have the wheel horse all gassed up and ready to haul the trailer right up to the shed:weightlifter::weightlifter:

    i would undercoat it with fluid film but idk about doin the top. if you wanted to do the top i would rub it on like a wax. you really don't wanna rub up against the trailer and get it on your hands or clothes;)
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    This should turn out pretty nice, cant wait to see more pictures
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    Wish I had someplace to do it indoors, but I guess I can't have everything.

    Brad, instead of making money on that big job I lost, I decided to spend it instead. :laugh:

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