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    I suggest a sub-category for mowing based on northern and southern turf types., possibly even based on regions. The site seems to be dominated by guys mowing cool season turf at higher settings (or St. Augustine at higher still mowing heights down in Fl).

    When someone from Alabama asks a question about a mower he plans to use on small lots of bermuda or zoysia, he gets ridiculous replies from guys who have never even seen hybrid bermudagrass, much less know anything about how to acheive a quality cut on such a technically demanding turf. They also insist you must mow weekly or you're a "lowballer" while ignorant of the fact that some varieties of Zoysia grow so slowly and are so vulnerable to wear that weekly mowing would damage it.

    I just read a thread where nearly every poster chimed in with "just mow it with a 52", anything smaller is a waste of time". Obviously that can't be done on a tiny lot with 40' of frontage, maybe 30' of grass in any direction, that slopes and rolls and hasn't a flat spot on it anywhere. A 1/4" flaw in the cut on Bermuda is a disaster, while being hardly noticeable on an all-green lawn like Tall Fescue or K Bluegrass. But because they're accustomed to cutting homes built over old crop fields at 3-4" at 10mph they think they have the correct answer when it simply doesn't apply.

    Advice from equipment types to mowing frequency to fertilization practices to pricing to customs vary widely by region. Users should have the option to post a region specific question in an appropriate section of the website so as to not have to wade through 75-90% completely wrong replies.
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    I must agree with Bruce. I see it all the time with guys from the south trying to tell us how to grow & mow KB here in Minn and don't even have a clue.

    Worse are the Organic "****" who think that because their ideas work for them in Florida they will work up here too.

    I must admit I've made the mistake of trying to help someone but didn't noticed their location until after my post. Oops

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