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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jccordes2, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Questions for all you Pro's in the business.
    I have started a Lawn/Landscape bus part time and am planning on making the big leap next spring to full time.
    I need to register a name with the state and claim either a Sole Propriotor, LLC, Corp or etc, I plan to grow it and have some help working with me in the future.
    What do you recommend I register as??
    I am also studing now to take my contractors test this fall and do Remodeling/basement refinishing in the winter.
    I purchased a "Starting a Lawncare Business kit" which offers suggestions but no advice. I though asking you guys wouls help??

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know about MN but here in OH, you need to file with the secretary of state. Its a real simple form that is about 4 pages long, there is no need to pay an accountant or a lawyer to do this for you. Filling fee is $125. You will want to form a corporation. This provides the benefits of a separate entity, and minor liability protection since you can only loose the assets of the corp., not your personal assets. If you wish after your filling has been approved you can file with the IRS to elect S-corp status. The biggest difference is that a C-corp files and pays its own taxes, the S-corp still files a return, but the income is passed through to your individual return.
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    Here in Michigan, you can get a DBA with your local county and no one else gets your name in that county but 2 counties over somene could have that same name. I am a sole proprieter and a registered LLC which covers the entire State of Michigan. If you are a solo, going LLC is not bad in case of injury, only your business can be wrecked, not your home, car, etc.
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    Hi jccordes2,

    Here is a site that may be helpful.

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