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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Heath, Jan 3, 2006.

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    The county clerk in Texas does not guarantee that the name you pay $16 to register will not be used by someone else. What is the point? Of course, like you guys, I would not want someone copying my company's name and marketing schemes that go along with it. Do I need to copyright it?

    Also, I did a search on license requirements in Texas for applying fertilizer to my customers yards and did not find an answer. Any Texas people have any advice on this? Do I need to take the test and obtain a license to apply Scotts fertilize products in Texas?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!:drinkup:
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    are you wanting to incorporate if so just go to an attorney and pay him about a $1,000 and he will set it all up for you. Here in georgia i can check names online . try to do a search on secretary of state of texas if you find something go to corporation division and search around for entity names as for fert license i would say if they give a test for it in your state you probly have to have it, practically anything you put down is considered pesticide or fertilizer even if the customer buys it and you put it down its illeagal because they know thats what lco's will say happened and that you figured it in your price. hope this helps
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    Heath, are you still in the Austin area?
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    No, Houston, do I know you? Aren't many Heath's out there....

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