Registry of Pesticide Sensitive Persons

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnboyCO, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. lawnboyCO

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    Is this a state practice or is this federal law, Out here in CO, commercial, limited commercial, and public applicators must notify pesticide-sensitive persons by mail, phone, or in person, at least 24 hours prior to applying a pesticide in any turf or ornamental category. Any person who resides on property which abuts the property to be treated and whose names is on the published registry must be notified.
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    Here the 2 counties that I do most of my work in require ALL homeowners in abutting properties to be notified at least 48 hours in advance.

    Be glad it is a volunteer registry and fight to keep it that way. There are much worse things than what you have.

    Check this out.
  3. marko

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    I had heard that NY was going to that (certain counties) and I never persued my license there. It will be a PITA (especially if it rains and you have to re-notify). Make sure and figure this into your cost.
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    Here in Texas, we had a few who caused problems. We voluntarily called them in advance. My call went something like this..." This is Bob at "Mega Scam Co" calling to let you know I will be in your neighborhood properly applying pesticides on the private property of some of your neighbors. Please be sure to take whatever precautions you deem necessary."
  5. KDJ

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    Most on that list is just trouble. I say clear of them at all cost.
  6. lawnboyCO

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    so any possible future customers that live by pest sensitive people you turn away? That is one way to deal with the problem
  7. KDJ

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    There are just a few in my area. Most are just treehuggers looking to be a PITA. If they go out of there way and PAY to be on this list, you can bet if they see you spray they WILL report you. Yes I just stay away.
  8. marko

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  9. Garth

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    Here in California the people who must be notified are the property owner or manager, the workers who would be exposed, and any bee-keepers who have requested notification of any spraying within 1 mile of an apiary. Restricted materials permits must be in writing from an agricultural pest control advisor and the ag commissioner of the county that way no-one can apply class 1 or 2 pesticides near homes, schools etc. I heard that somebody in the Chicago area was applying Class 1 organophosphates or carbamates that resulted in kids dying and over 700 contaminations of residences. He was using agricultural pesticides for structural pest control and was NOT licensed. He was also selling restricted materials to home owners so the authorities think that 700 was a very conservative estimate.-Garth
  10. Neal Wolbert

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    Garth, What is the source of your infomation on the contamination issue? Neal

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