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    i have been looking on the fl gov web pages and cant find the requirements to get a lience for fert/ pest control. i have a few customers that what topchoice and Deltagard for there lawns. i dont want to turn them away anymore. what are the requirements for fl?
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    After reading the laws, you may find it very difficult to get a Commercial Lawn & Ornamental Pesticide License in the state of Florida. If you tell us you actual location or city, One of us with a license might hook up with you to provide those services to your customer and give you a finder fee, Etc. I am currently not Licensed but Certified. I am in a semi retirement or Break from business right now. I plan on going back in business sometime. When is the question, I sold my business and I have been enjoying not working for the last 6 months. However doing nothing mean you get nothing done. It might be time for me to go back in business part time.

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