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Regular blades vs. Mulching blades


LawnSite Member
New York State
Having good luck mulching leaves with regular blades on my Exmark turf tracer and Lazer Z. Would mulching blades really be better. Not using the mulching kit, just grinding over and over and discharging out the side.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Seymour Indiana
I use gator mulching blades and side discharge..i can not stand to use a mulching plate, it seems grass is still growing to fast and is to tall to use a mulching plate, the gator mulching blades however are great when you side discharge...we kinda do the same I just run over the leaves a extra time. i dont get to crazy about leaves until they are all gone because it never fails that the neighbor will have a bunch and as soon as you load the wind blows and well.....you see...please it helps some with cash flow in late november doing clean ups.