Regular truck bed lifts

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CTmower, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. CTmower

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  2. kps2389

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    They work alright but your truck bed is not strong enough to take the abuse of all the weight going up and down.
  3. CTmower

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    I was thinking about getting it just for the small mulch jobs i do.. I figure it i build some sides out of 2x10's i should be able to fit about 3 yards or so in the back.. What negative effects would it have on my bed??
  4. seabee1

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    well they work good but bear in mind when you load them it is a water level load !if you put all the weight up front you will bend the bed , if they make them get some longitudinal supports for the bed it will stiffen it up if they don't better make them your self , and keep the rear hinge pivots and hoist pivot's greased . put a plastic bedliner in it .
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    I always thought these were neat. How would your gas tank work??
  7. pclawncare

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    I have seen first hand what happens to a truck bed with one of those systems. It may work for some people but 2 guys here had them on their trucks and all cracked along the bed sides along the spot welds and at the corner from twisting. Might check out a dump insert
  8. seabee1

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    under bed Host's are nice for people that do not use them really hard ,that is why you have to stiffen the bed with longitudinal supports ,and they dont like the taller profile of the dump insert .

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