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    Hi, I need your guys help and opinions. I have to get some primary research along with find secondary articles. Part of my primary research is to interview two local companies. The other part is this survey. The research is for a report on business reinvestment, and I am trying to highlight the lawn and landscape business in the research and report. If you would please take a few minutes to answer the following questions and if you want post any comments regarding the topic. Even if you send it to me via pm that would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

    1. How long has your company been in business?
    2. How many employees does your company have?
    3. How many years does you company typically use trucks and larger equipment?
    4. How many years does your company typically use lawn mowers and smaller equipment?
    5. Are you a good mechanic or does your company have a good mechanic?
    6. Do you normally rent, lease, or buy equipment?
    7. When do you decide to sell old equipment and buy new?
    8. Do you buy equipment new or used?
    9. When do you decide to start up a new crew?
    10. How important is reinvesting profits back into the business?
    11. Do you have a set percentage that you reinvest back into the business?
    12. Do you reinvest more at the end of your fiscal year, when you are preparing your tax reports?
    13. Are the investments in the business for long term or short term goals?
    14. Would you invest heavily in the business, if you plan on keeping it less than five years?
    15. Do you feel that you invest in the business to be prepared for growth, or do you grow and reinvest to keep up with your customer’s demands?

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