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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Toatlandscape, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Has anyone else gotten the feeling of being stagnant? I have been doing maintenance and small Landscaping for about 8 years full time. It has provided a decent income but lately I have lost a few accounts, some due to customers moving or commercial bids not being renewed for different reasons, I have lost little to none to service related problems. Most of the business I had was referral and I never had to do any advertising. I am not the "salesman" type I have difficulty going up to strangers to start a conversation. My question is how would you go about getting new customers? what do you think give the most bang for the buck? I am recently divorced and need to refocus my energy on the business but am not sure exactly how or what to do. Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Start advertising. You have to advertise even when you've reached a point where you want no more business, because you will lose accounts and need to replace them. If you don't want to grow, just keep your name out there. Advertise in something like the Yellow Pages, some kind of marketing that doesn't target a specific service. Making your name known, and keeping it known is important. I was a shy and introverted young kid when I started, and I'm still no salesman, but quickly realized I had to suck it up and break through that to make my business work.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Toatlandscape,

    Here is a post that may be helpful.

    "These are absolute essentials to surviving in business. However, there are some aggresive (and cheap) tactics that you can use to get your name out to Joe public. "

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