Relandscape the physical way.

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    I just want to talk about my experience in reseeding a yard at the house I am trying to sell. I am a huge fan of machinery but I don't do enough installs to justify the stuff. My job was to take a 24' pool down. Then remove 3 yards of washed stone (1.5"). Scrape the sand back and remove the excess so that there was between an inch and 3 at any one point, remove the excess sand. I then rototilled the whole area X 3 and raked it out. I seeded, rolled and fertilized and covered with a bail.
    It took a long time but I am done. I don't even want to tell you how sore I am from the hand work. I used a Mits 15HP tractor for moving the 3 yards of sand from back to front. I made a home made wheel barrow on the rear 3 point. I would have killed for a FEL. The other power equipment I used was a 24" 1970's Wards Rototiller (3.5 Briggs) that is tough as nails. I did use a back blade to scrape the sand but the Mits didn't have enuf snot to do the job quickly. Other than that it was hand work. 700 sqft of grass that hopefully will allow me to sell my home.
    I learned that power equipment is a must unless you really need to get back in shape. :dizzy:

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