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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, May 22, 2001.

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    hey all. we constantly hear on this forum about how we will have problems with customers for whatever reason. this is about the opposite kind of relationship. how many of you guys have built personal relationships with customers? out of all the people who i have worked for this year and last year i have built good relationships with most of them. i have these people down the road from me who last night fed me dinner, even though i was not working there. every year they get me a birthday present and everything. they invite me over for dinner about once a month, sometimes more. they invite me to parties that they have with their friends, etc. then there are the crazy people. the father invites me up for dinner there every once in a while. and they have really adopted me. when i need something they are there for me, and when they need a hand with something i try to help them out too. there was the old man, who let me keep my stuff on his property, i would go and talk with him each weekend, and make sure everything was ok. he gave me 1,000 dollars for college, in addition to my monthly pay check. these people were like my adopted grandparents. there was the old lady up north of here. who i would go and check in on every couple of weeks, because i worried about her, she would always give me something to drink if it was hot out, and would talk with me about what was goin on and what not. do any of you guys have relationships like this with your customers who you did not know prior to working for them? i know i have more than that with the relationships, but that is just an example. any of you guys got that? and what do you do?

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