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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by lukachuki, Feb 25, 2005.

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    My apologies, the name of what I'm going to create escapes me at the moment.
    So let me try to describe. I have a HO who wants me to design a pondless serenity wall. It will be basically a classically shaped wall about 6' high and about 4' wide with water slowly running down the rock creating pleasing noises. I sure wish I could think of the right name for this type of water feature. It will hit me after I send.

    Anyway, anyone of you pondless waterfall builders experimented with a "water wall" which is strictly for eye and ear appeal but can fit in a very small place?

    I'm thinking of building a block wall so that I can have some hollow cores for the piping and then using the owens corning cultured stone. I'm still not sure exactly what stone he will settle on or if he will even go for it when it is all said and done. My goal is to make it low maintenance using a cistern as a water catch with the water level controlled by a float valve (I use one of these for an automatic dog waterer I made). The water will filter through small stones like many other pondless waterfalls i've seen here on lawnsite and then collect in the cistern where it will be pumped to the top of the wall and then gracefully and beautifully it will repeat the cycle.

    Firstly does this make sense to anyone? Secondly has anyone ever tried something like this? And if so any advice?

    Here's a link to the cultured stone I MIGHT use depending on what the customer decides. (prob one of the cobblefields) I am a brick mason so the concrete, brick and stone pare will be a piece of cake.


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