Relay bad on Toro Proline?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by msryan, Apr 7, 2008.

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    I bought a used Toro Proline 44" Floater with a 20hp Kohler. It is model number 30192.

    I was told it needed a PTO Clutch and the guy had it "tested" at the dealer and did not want to put the money into it. Well I replaced that and that is not the problem. So I now have an extra should it go out down the road.

    When I press the engage switch the pto engages but as soon as I let go they stop. If I hold it down they keep going. I do not think the switch is the problem.

    My only other thought is that it is the relay. Has anyone had this same problem? I don't want to keep buying parts I don't need. THanks.

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    What makes you think that ?

    If the clutch works with the switch held down that's a sign the spring inside has seen better days and is no longer keeping it switched in.

    The relay is powered by a switch, If the switch is bad the relay will not work.
  3. msryan

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    Sorry I forgot to mention earlier that I did replace the switch and had the same problem.

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