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    i began cutting lawns in my parents neighborhood in Illinois with their old 38" rider around 1994. In 95 upgraded to a newer Deere rider with a 38". In 98 upgraded to a Deere 345 L&G tractor with a 54" deck, snowblower, and vaccuum system. In 2001 I graduated high school and left for college, but continued to cut lawns in the summers, and spring/fall i woudl drive home every weekend to maintain my lawns (550 miles round trip) in 2004 i decided with rising gas prices and a truck that was racking up tons of miles, i would give up the business. i got a fulltime job in retail in 04 and have been working there ever since. Two months ago labor was cut at our store, and my hours were cut back a little, but it results in diminished paychecks and tough time for me to meet my bills. Last month i hauled my equipment up and am starting out again up here in Michigan. SO far finding jobs has been tough. i have 2 jobs so far and they say i do excellent work and that my price is very reasonable, but i still get no calls. As of now my service area is limited as i don;t have a trailer yet (never needed one in Illinois, had enough jobs around my parents house to keep me busy)
    One of my customers called me today and wants dirt hauled in, old landscaping torn out, and grass planted along with new landscaping and mulch around a new shed he built. i hope i can get a few more jobs and grab up a trailer before this cause renting a trailer for this job would take half my profits. I'm looking at a 6X10 open trailer with 18" steel sides...looks to be nice for hauling mulch or equipment.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what would intice more people to use my services, please let me know. The 2 jobs i have now i can complete in about 30 minutes each including string trimming and blowing off the sidewalks and I am charging then $25 a piece. Is that average? Too low/too high?

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