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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dallas05, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. dallas05

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    I Am Currently Running A Full Service Landscape Business In A Small Town Aprox. An Hour From Raleigh-durham Chapel Hill(the Triangle) My Wife Is From The's The Situation We Are Not Happy With The Results Of Our Town We Do Business In. We Want To Focus More On High End Clientele And Specialty Landscape Services.what Would You Guys And Gals Suggest In Doing To Relocate. My Wife Is All For Moving Back To The Area But The Problem Is We Have An Existing Clientele And Overhead So Obviously We Should Probably Start By Commuting And Focusing Our Networking On The New Area Anyhelp In Relocating,marketing The New Area Etc.. Would Greatly Be Appreciated Thanks
  2. Ed Ryder

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    Now is the time to begin planning to make this change. And a large part of this change is the marketing you'll be doing. And you're attitude.

    If it were me, I'm confident I could be loaded up with customers in the new market by spring.
  3. topsites

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    Not trying to get smart, but this might be a problem that relocating won't fix, such as what might be the case if the problem lies instead in the marketing dep't (i.e.: how you're selling your services, etc, etc...)

    No doubt I've seen some areas that are so financially depressed there is no way to eke out a living while providing a luxury service, but I thought I'd mention it.
  4. dallas05

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    no, topsites it is a military town slash old tobacco farm town. don't get me wrong we do real,real well with maintenance,light landscaping,renovations etc.. but that's not what our business plan is all about. we have a passion to be more of a design/build full service landscape company focusing on watergardens,lighting and hardscapes and being in a town where people don't no if they will live here 6 months,2 years or 26 years so they are reluctant to spend any money on their property.also we do a whole, whole lot of advertising by far more than most in my town.
  5. dallas05

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    what are some of your ideas on marketing a new area. i am going up 2-3 days a week networking after i get my guys going every morning,direct mailers,flyers etc..maybe if i can budget this year a nice ad in the phonebook. any help on making this an easy as possible transition would be appreciated.
  6. J Hisch

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    The good thing about our business is marketing dollars are well spent. Meaning they have a good return for the money. If you want to re-locate then do so, just be ready to spend money to make money. Also, a question you said you have a business plan and people dont want to spend money on their properties when they are only there for a few years. Wasnt that thought about when this business started?
  7. dallas05

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    when i started i jumped into the business simply for the fact i enjoy working in the green industry.i wasn't to business savy for sure but over a few years i have learned a great deal.

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