relocating business to warmer place

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by seabee24, Mar 7, 2009.

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    commercial is more cut throat and a bigger waste of time than residential. As far as pay per cut goes, that is pretty much what seperates the good customers from the ok customers.
    Lots of guys around here going out of biz though. Even though the housing market is in the crapper, nice homes are still a little over priced.
    There is a lot of work year round, however 99 percent of my extra work in the last six months as been from current customers and repeat biz. Very little if any new customers in a long long long long time.
    I would hate to be starting out from scratch now. Plus you will die here in the summer time.
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    I cant say were i am that i have had very much new business either, ecept for snow

    i dont think i would die - if yoru refuring to the weather, lets just say for the remineder of this year im going to be some place much much hotter the commerical isnt totally cut throat around by me...dont get me wrong you need to have fair pricing that is in line with others, but its not like in most cases i would losses an account over 1 dollar

    starting from sratch is a big concern. The only thing i could say is this time around, i would have more business sence, and I would be coming with all the equiptment and trucks/trailers paid off. I would be coming down with enought cash to last at least one yr possibly longer

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