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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kutnkru, Oct 22, 2001.

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    I try to train new employees on a 36" belt drive so that they can get the handle on overlapping and how the machines handle. I was thinking the other day that if we could change the caster positions on the larger decks we could increase productivity until the guys get the hang of running a deck better, and they were promoted to a hydro.

    I was just curious if we added a front roller to the (48" gear-drive)deck if it would be possible to re-set the front caster wheels to the same deck positioning as the 36". This would allow employees to use the casters to line up with the previous pass to get the optimum cut from the deck and still be productive even if using a slower gear just as they are accustomed to doing with the 36"ers.

    Thanks for any insight/assistance you can lend.
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    This really wouldn't work, because while your front casters may line up, your deck widths wouldn't. If you ran the 48 over your 36 tracks, you would have to be overlapping 6 inches on each side. If you were to run your 36 over your original 48 tracks, lining up the casters, you would be leaving 6 inch streaks of uncut grass. Am I on the right track, here? (no pun intended):rolleyes:
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    Actually Runner your not, but thanks for the input -LOL!!!

    What I wanted to know was that because it is so much easier for a new operator to learn how to maximize a 36" deck over a 48" because they can just line up the caster wheel to the outside of what has already been cut, that if it was possible to re-postion the casters on a 48" to the same distance from the edge of the deck as a 36", I would then be able to train employees on a 48" and not a 36".

    I just figured that I could put bolts thru the holes of the deck where the original casters were mounted if necessary to stop airflow.

    I LITERALLY want to REMOVE and THEN re-position the placement of the casters on the deck of a 48" unit. Thats why I was asking if I should use a roller in the front because there may be added weight to the center of the deck ,,, dont know???

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    Hey sorry it took me some so long to answer, been doing the travel thing. I have a suggestion for you.

    If the main reason you want to move the caster out is for marking overlap, why don't you just bolt on a fake wheel as a guide? The other thing you might try is welding or bolting on a pointer of some sort to mark the cutting edge.

    The bad thing about moving the caster is it could change the balance, handling or cut of your machine. We put the caster in a location to maximize your cut and to prevent stragglers.

    Kutnkru if this not what you are looking for let me know and we can look at this so more.

    Thanks, Fred.
  5. thelawnguy

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    Phil Nilsson once suggested running a piece of white tape on the deck where you want your employees to line up their pass with the cut edge. Put the tape on both sides, and there you go.

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