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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by John's Lawns, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. John's Lawns

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    Hello, I was wondering if there are any Austin LCO's out there that could answer a few of my questions. I am possibly relocating to the Austin area next spring and was wondering about the market there. I believe Austin has over 600,000 people but I'm sure there are hundreds of lawn companies. Is the market oversaturated? Have lowballers hurt the average cost of typical services? I have been in business about 3 years and have always provided honest, dependable service. This is a big decision for me and I appreciate any info that is provided.
  2. ken50

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    This is homework I think you need to do yourself. I don't think any of the present LCO's in Austin are going to say yeah, come on down, we want more competition! Look at the Austin newspaper, check the yellow pages, do some research, and I am sure you will find your answer. Spend a few days there and just look around, how many trucks do you see running around with mowers in the bed? I don't live in Austin, but I just think this is something you will have to research yourself. Best of luck in whatever you decide....
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    John, just out of curriousity, why Austin?? The cost of living there is a WHOLE lot more than the rest of Tx..
    My wife and I lived there in 02'. I worked for an LCO up there for a while, and he didn't do too bad.. however, to just move there, and start with zero clientell.. I think other places may suit ya'll better.. Like H-town.. Lot's of building in the Houston area, much larger population base, and a considerably lower cost of living.. Just imagine Austin as trying to live in L.A., on Waco wages.. If you are really set on the Austin area, I would reserve a cheap hotel for a week and go there, do some real serious "investigating" into the market before I left the Wichita Falls area.. Just my Nickel.. BTW Pm me, and I will help/ tell you anything I can.. God bless ya'll
  4. John's Lawns

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    Thanks for the reply Ken. If I do move my business to the Austin area, I will not be low balling or trying to steal business from other companies. I consider myself a professional who estimates and charges accordingly. And you are correct, I do not expect other LCO's to roll out the red carpet for me. I was just wanting some honest, realistic opinions on the overall market there.
  5. John's Lawns

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    Just letting you know I sent you a pm. Thanks for the tips.
  6. txlawnking

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    Hey John, gimme a call I'll let give you the spiel on Austin.. My wife is from there..LOL
  7. lottlawncare

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    the thing i hate about austin lawns are that they're dry (don't grow) and are full of rocks. Also, the culture there is a lot different and most people don't pay much attention to landscaping, so you'll find less work. If you do go to austin, concentrate on the west/northwest side. that's where the money is, along with the nicer homes, bigger incomes, and people will want more landscaping. Plus, it's the most liberal damn place in the world.
  8. ed2hess

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    The local company that sells mowers says there are 1000 lawn companies that have done business with them. Most of them are solo part time. I don't think there are over 40 mid size companies. The big guys like Tru Green are here and there are about 10 other big companies. The competition is pretty great and since most of the lawns are small prices are about what they were 20 years ago. The area continues to grow and we are coming out of a period of no growth but I think things will improve. We run a mid size business and concentrate on mainly lawn maintenance. The competition on commericial is very bad so most of our expansion comes from residential. There are more and more people that are stopping mowing their own grass. The low end feeders came in and gave them offers they couldn't turn down. When they move on then we pick up the customers at a little higher price.
  9. NightScenes

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    Just saying hi. I am a professional landscape lighting designer/installer in the Austin area. I am actually in Llano county, but I service a 100 mile radius.
  10. Tyner Lawn Service

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    I have a sister who has a good house cleaning business in the north part in retirement area's and she's been trying to get me down there as alot of people ask her about lawn care. I thought about going down for the winter but don't know if any work exists then. Any info would help. Don't worry I'll go back north next spring.

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