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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, May 24, 2008.

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    So what are you up to today?

    I am about to leave on a magical mystery marketing tour! :)

    Today I, along with the rest of the Lion's Club I am a member of, are renovating a Pavillion at the beach here in Port Sydney.

    I was able to suggest to the powers that be, that the pavillion would look great, and be safer, and more secure, if we were to install some lighting inside of it. They agreed and I offered to donate the lighting. So today I am off to install a small 11 fixture retrofit job on the most prominant structure along the public beach in here in Port. The press will drop by for sure, and lots of nice things will be said during and after the renovation project. Of course I will ensure that the press and organizers understand that INTEGRA Works Inc. has donated the lighting. Hopefully it will be as well received as the lighting system I dontated and installed on our Community Hall here a few years ago.

    This is the best kind of promotion and marketing I know of. Do something that people will see (night after night), something that makes a positive difference in the community, and gets your services infront of the people who are in the market to purchase your offerings.

    Have a great day!
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    I think the press you get on this will be great, and what would be better would be a small brass plate on the pavillion somewhere offering "thanks to James of Integra Lighting" or something along that line. It's one thing to get a one time public relations pop. but if you could get a residual effect over 5 years of folks reading that plate, then I think you will recoup your investment 50 times over.

    We typically will do something like this once or twice a season for Christmas lights. Although it is a donation, I donate to mission work, my church, schools, etc on a purely personal basis. I try to look at business donations from a business standpoint. How much am I spending, and what value is my business getting out of it. If I donate a $2500 job, am I receiving $2500 worth of marketing? it's easy to think only of the materials, but really, you could take those materials and go do a paying job today, so really you are donating the full price of the job.

    great work in the community James- I hope you get lots of benefit out of it.
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    We just did kinda the same thing at my church. Coppermoon was really great and gave me some extra special pricing for the project fixtures and my crew donated their time last Saturday to do the project. We'll photograph it soon and put out a press release thanking all involved.

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