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    Last week when i posted a bid sheet there were a lot of confusin on some of the things in it 1.there were two seperate forms one was a bid sheet that i gave my customers and the other was for my self that no one else saw and i just wanted to see if my prices wer inline with "the other guy" now some of you quiestion some other things like the name of my business and what not i did take some of that out so to answer any more qustion well here it is again.. JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT (PS IF ANY OF YOU HAVE CONTRACTS COPY THEM FROMYOUR FILE AND E-MAIL TO ME SO I CAN SEE HOW IT'S REALLY DONE.

    “Our Quality Creates Demand”

    Eufaula’s Finest Lawn service
    P.O. Box 000, Eufaula, Al. 36027


    Bid on grounds maintenance at _________________________, Eufaula, AL 36027
    Square feet of Lawn_________________________
    Square feet of plant beds_____________________

    Description of work:
    1. Visit site weekly Day preferred_____________
    2. Pick up all trash on grounds (Trash, cans, paper Ect)
    3. Cut grass as needed maintaining height of 2.0 to 2.5 inch giving better weed and drought control leaving lawn lush green and thick (Each cut will be an alternating pattern to eliminate lawn ruts and a nicer pleasing lawn to look at.
    4. Bag turf if asked ________(Clipping are good for soil by adding nitrogen back to soil; and reduces thatch as long as mowed regularly)
    5. Trim and edge around all landscape beds, existing trees, driveways, curbs, and sidewalks (every cut)
    6. Blow off all walkways and sidewalks (every cut)
    7. Blow off all parking areas, removing trash, sand, rocks, etc. (as needed) using a little wonder parking lot blow which produces 190mph 2500cfm air volume.
    8. Keep weeds and brush out of plant beds, parking lot cracks, and next to building
    9. Keep all shrubs, plants and bushes trimmed (as needed)
    10. Put out ant control where needed (outside only)
    11. Inspect and treat lawn for insects (Crane Fly, Wire Worms, Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms ect)
    12. Fertilize every three months – September, December, March, June, useing16-4-8 per application 4.68 lbs per1000sq. Ft (Total needed per year for centipede grass 18.75 lbs at 1000 sq.ft)
    13. Fertilize plants at time of grass using 10-10-10
    14. Spray weed control 48 hours after first cut, 1x per year on turf removing all unwanted Bahiagrass, weeds, Sedge grass, Broadleaf weeds for lawn only (Image is select a herbicide that will not harm lawn)
    15. Aerate 2x a year (March & October)
    16. Dethach 1x a year (Febuary)
    17. Liming all areas to maintain a pH of 6.5, actual amount to be determined by a soil test (Annual soil test included)
    18. Provide pine straw twice a year if needed - October & April
    19. Spread annual ryegrass seed in fall when grass goes dormant to have green turf in winter (dies off in spring, will not harm lawn)
    20. Check irrigation if available

    Conditions, Limitations, and Exclusions:
    This contract when accepted is effective____/____/____and is a binding 12-month contract that stays in effect until ____/____/____. Cancellation of this contract will only be granted if there is no remedy for unsatisfactory service after issuing two written warnings.

    Price: $_______Per month. Price includes all material and labor in lines 1-20

    Does site need cleaning other that regular maintenance Yes____ No____ Price $_______

    Payment schedule: Balance due by the 10th monthly

    Contact: For more information, please call or e-mail David R. Hartzog, Owner,
    (334)-555-5555 or

    Thank you for allowing us to provide you with a proposal. Please get in touch if you have any questions. We are looking forward to working with you!

    Respectfully submitted,

    David R. Hartzog (owner)___________________________Date: _____________________

    Accepted by_______________________Title____________________ Date: _____________

    Comments: ____________________________________________________________________



    Also available
    · Brush kill
    · Flower Planting
    · Irrigation Installation
    · Pressure washing
    · Roof and Gutter cleaning
    · Seeding
    · Sod
    · Spring Cleaning

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    Try using a word processor to type your message, than use the spell and grammer check on it. When thats complete you can cut it and paste it here. It'll have all those neat little periods, commas and everything!!
  4. hartzog wrote:

    >7. Liming all areas to maintain a pH of 6.5, actual amount to be determined by a soil test (Annual soil test included)

    You will need to by lime by the full truckload to get most soils up to 6.5.

    pH of 5.5 is just fine for bluegrass.

    Here is how I would write #7:

    7. Apply lime as needed per soil test (included).

    You are giving the consumer too much info for they are to stupid understand how Ph effects n-p-k uptake to the plants

    Plus never tell a customer (homeowner)the amount and type of products you will use for they will just take your info for free and do it using there own equipment.

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    I agree with Lawrence,what the customer doesn't know
    can't hurt you. All most of them care about is a nice lawn,
    they don't want to know all the technical details. Work
    on the "kiss" system with them. (Keep It Simple Stupid).
    Remember,"Need to know". :)

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    David:You might want to include a statement saying that the customer is responsable for any and all legal fees if you should have to seek legal assistance in collecting unpaid bills. This makes them liable to pay for a lawyer to collect that fee at your customers expence. Past experiance has taught me that the $100 per hr fee assesed by lawyers can eat your profit in a hurry. Therefore making you not want to persue a legal route. My lawyer suggested I do this and have used it once in the last year to collect thousands on a commercial job,(very effective).
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    David, I was the one who asked what the name of your business was, wasn't sure and was wanting to know, sorry I asked. If you haven't noticed, when you ask a question on a forum wanting people to give you help and direction, often you get more than you asked, sometimes that "more" may benefit you, and others it may not. Take all you can get and sort through it and decide what's best.

    As Guido as Grass stated above, your post is again very confusing and hard to understand, I write mine in MS Outlook and cut and paste them in the post most of the time, read through it before the final post. If your looking for people to take the time to give you advice, please take the time to write your questions legible and clear and then you will not have that "confusion".
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    digging up old bones...
  9. captken

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    might benifit from reading this thread.
    :) kenny.
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    Try this instead of that word scramble you got going there.

    services frequency price total

    mowing ---------- x ------ = -------

    fertilization --------- x ------- = --------

    ....and so on. Do all other calculations on a scrap sheet and simply enter your numbers in the spaces provided. Keep it simple, and like the other guys said, dont explain everything on your bid form. If your potential customer asks you a question, fill them with your knowledge, impress them, and close the frikin deal!

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