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    We honored those who fought for our freedom by using that freedom to work for an honest living today.. in the rain, and stinking hot/humid glorious Florida climate
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    You have to love it here! Every meal is a banquet and every paycheck a fortune!
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    Thank Blacks and the women of the South....

    When flow'ry Summer is at hand,
    And Spring has gemm'd the earth with bloom,
    We hither bring, with loving hand,
    Bright flow'rs to deck our soldier's tomb.

    Gentle birds above are sweetly singing
    O'er the graves of heroes brave and true;
    While the sweetest flow'rs we are bringing,
    Wreath'd in garlands of red, white and blue.

    With snowy hawthorn, clusters white,
    Fair violets of heav'nly blue,
    And early roses, fresh and bright,
    We wreathe the red, and white, and blue.

    "Soldier's Memorial Day,"
    words by Mary B. C. Slade and music by W. O. Perkins, 1870.

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    green T

    nice history lesson....

    i would think they should teach that in schools.. but thats another story and post..

    i'll keep the rest of the comments to myself...

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