Reminder: BE CAREFUL!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FIRESCOOBY, Apr 26, 2006.


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    Hey guy's, just a friendly reminder here.

    I am a career and volunteer firefighter along with my fledgling, tiny lawn service. Today we responded to a very unfortunate accident. A man on a Dixie Chopper for whatever reason went off a 25' bridge into a creek. I've been trying to figure out why this would happen and there are several scenarios. The bridge had a strip of grass about 4' wide with a steep grade toward the creek. There are no guardrails along the roadway. It is more like a drainage culvert about the length of a car. There was a cut the width of the mower going straight off the edge. I thought maybe he was turning to make the cut and it just slid right off, or he saw a car coming and turned off the road to avoid getting hit. The road is busy and fast with hardly any sight distance in the curve and the grass was along the oncoming lanes.

    The mower and rider traveled off the bridge into the 2' water and the mower came to rest on the riders back. Prior to our arrival, people has fliiped the mower off the rider. The guy had a very serious laceration to his head, some broken bones, and serious signs of possible internal injuries. We removed him from the creek with alot of effort and had him flown to the trauma center.

    He's very lucky to be alive and that someone saw him go into the creek (or heard him calling for help). Where he was, it would be hard to be seen from the roadway.

    Anyway, ya'll be careful. I'm sure this guy was just trying to get some yard's in before the rains came full blast, and now...who know's.
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    Hey, I'm down here in Hall county and just wanna say I appreciate your service to the public man. Hope the fella is alright.

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    Thanks man.

    What area of Hall do you cover? I've got some accounts in North Hall. I've got some buds from Hall Fire that are in the business also. I work one county down in the "hood"...LOL. Lawncare is a big side business for firemen, as you probably know.

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