Remote Air Cleaner For Wb?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RICHARD BROWN, Feb 9, 2003.


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    I HAVE A 36"BUNTON MOW. I THINKING ABOUT STACKING BLADES ON 36"Bunton,It a 14hp kawaski . What about a remote air cleaner for my 36"Bunton wb?
  2. Try engine air, don't know the correct spelling or web site, but I am positive it's in the LS arcives.

    Found it---
  3. Richard Martin

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    Don't bother look on enginaire for Kaw single cylinder aircleaners. There aren't any.
  4. thartz

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    Try a K&N.Go to their web site.I'm going to try one on my kohler.If it works half as good as it did on my truck I'm sure it will make a big difference.

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