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    Anybody very familiar with the Eicon? The transmitter is what intrigues me. It looks very similar to a walkie-talkie and phone. does it do more than just turn the zones on and off? Does it display the zones? Can it be used as a universal remote separate from the Irritrol that is built for it? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Purp knows a ton on the Eicon but he is geocatching.

    Mike may answer this but the Rain Master currently on Ebay has a flat transmitter keyboard unlike the rounded ones of the current version. I recall that RM changed their transmitter keyboard and had a lot of problems with it which have since been corrected. Was it the flat surface version that had all the problems? I may call RM and see if it can be upgraded to the current keypad.

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    The eicon also interfaces with the sentinal by toro and can be used as two way radios if you have another hand set. If you didnt already know the pig tail is a direct plug in for rainbird lx controllers
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    My buddy at the school district uses Eicons & likes them, but I'm not able to
    reach him today..Odd that our friends from Toro own both Eicon & RM.
    I would be "leery" of the early version of the RM remote; we had tons of
    problems with that remote & finally junked it. Let me know what Donna @
    RM has to say. Check out the Calsense can program with it!

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