remotes for truckster spreader.

Discussion in 'LESCO' started by PaulJ, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Since you were able to help newbsvw with the problem of mounting his spreader I have a new chalange for you.

    I am about to get a spreader to mount on my WB mower. I have the JRCO mounting bar on the mower already and want to mount the spreader to that somehow.

    However my issue is: I really like having the remote levers to control the third hole and side shield on my lesco push spreader. I would like these on the mounted spreader as well. After looking at a mounted spreader and your stand on spreader it appears that they both use the same hopper. Is it possible to get the parts for the third hole and side shield and remote levers from the stand on unit and put them on the mounted spreader? I can do some fab work to make a control panel for all the levers.
    Your help on this might just finalize my decision:cool2:
    any Idea on cost of all the parts would be good also.
  2. Bob West LESCO

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    I talked to our equipment Tech Services Department, and they recommended that the kits to try to use would be LESCO item #035591 (remote deflector kit) and LESCO item #030571 (3rd hole remote kit). But they also asked me to point out to you that they have never done what you're attempting to do, so they certainly can't tell you how well it will turn out.

    If you want to talk to them further, call 800/321-5325 and ask for Equipment Tech Services.

    Bob West
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    Good Luck!!! What is the JRCO Mounting bar look like? Can you post a picture of your mower? And how about the Items Bob? What do they look like. In this post, can you insert a link so that we can save time and just go right to it?
  4. PaulJ

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    Bob ,Thanks for the info. Are those kits for the push spreaders? If so then they won't work. the cable for the third hole is too short and the shield has a mechanical linkage instead of a cable. I need the long cables for both that are like the ones used on your stand on spreader, not the perma green, or the push spreader.
  5. PaulJ

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  6. Killswitch

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    You might be able to use some longer bicycle cables or those longer cables should be available somewhere I would think.

    Im going to be mounting that same spreader on a JD 757....I'm not at all concerned with the third hole or really a deflector. This things for bulk. Those areas Ill cut with the push. I will have to fab a mount for the open close lever, and Ill probably have a nice weather sealed button on my console, and some quick connect insulated electrical connectors for the motor.

    I figure for about 650 and some fab....I have a pretty decent setup. It will be solid and heavy duty.

    Im also going to mount a 25 gallon fimco sprayer with the five nozzle boom on the back. I have the bagging unit for this mower and some of the bracketry will double as the base for that unit...with some mods. But it will be quick change.....Hopefully able to be put on in fifteen minutes or so. Both units.

    Why do you have the jrco mounts but no spreader. Thats an expensive unit but looks heavy gauge.

    Hers a badass pic.
  7. PaulJ

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    I have the JRCO mounting bar from The tine rake. but th JRCO spreader is close to $1000. I like the lesco push spreader and use the remote levers for the hole and shield often. It saves material and cleanup time.
  8. Killswitch

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    Yeah I know they want 950 or so anyways and thats rediculous. The lesco is a good unit for 350, and looks easy to fab mounts my machine anyhow.
  9. PaulJ

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    It may be a moot point for me now. The softball fields That this was mainly going to be for seem to have gone with someone cheaper. But that's OK they didn't want to spend the money for aeration or even a full fert program.
    I might still get one but not as soon.

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