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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by barcode148, Aug 1, 2007.

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    i have a new customer who has many many many hedges and a few overgrown rhododendrons. The hedges are about 5-6' in diameter and the rhododendrons are about 10' in diameter and 8-10' high. My question is what is a fair price for removing these per plant. I honestly have no idea. There is also an 18' evergreen that needs to removed. I am begging lol please i need some type of ballpark figure. thanks in advance.
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    Do you have a chainsaw?

    Can you flush cut or must you remove the stumps?

    You gave the size of the shrubs but not the #.
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    the number is really irrelevent because im not sure what all they are going to have me remove. as for the chainsaw. i am not the one that is going to be cutting the stuff out i am going to have a buddy of mine do that but i am going to pay him as an employee. the stumps that can be worked around will stay but im going to say most will be taken out. so thats why i asked for how much to remove them. i was thinking somewhere around 130-160 per item. is this way off or about right. plus remember i have to dispose of them as well so im not sure how much that will cost. i think its 40 bucks a truck load.

    there are
    2 rhd.
    5 hedges


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