Remove discharge baffle when discharging inheavy growth?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Navig8r, Jul 20, 2003.

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    I have a 2002 LHP 23 Kawi, 52"

    What effect would removing the discharge baffle (I believe it was called a "dog leg" baffle in another post) have on discharging in heavy growth.
    It seems that I get a lot of buildup on the back side and in the area of the discharge side blade, as if the baffle is creating an area of disturbed airflow....... is it possible to discharge with this baffle removed?
    Has anyone tried it?
    Will it reduce clumping?
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    Thanks for the post. We get this question from time to time.

    The "Dog Leg" baffle helps increase the discharge velocity from the mower deck. Often removing the baffle will cause the clippings to pile up or wind row.

    Differences in discharge will vary depending upon the types of grass your cutting and the conditions. There may be a few occasions where removing the baffle will help but it's unusual. It only takes a couple of minutes to remove and about an hour to re-install if you try to use the old rusted nuts and bolts. If you try it I'd recommend replacing all the hardware you remove. Grass and fertilizer tend to make for a fairly corrosive combination.

    Good luck


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