remove green netting?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kalyeah, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. east sooke man

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    If the yard is flat my guess would be turf netting as well. It usually is in the top 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the surface and if the turf job failed in any areas the netting will be exposed. It will get in your mower unless you remove it, perhaps the last person tried to cover it over by reseeding, not the best way to fix it. If it is a small area take some hand shears (sharp) and cut any of the exposed netting off, don't try to pull it up or you will be in for a repair job on the lawn.
  2. kalyeah

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    ok, found out it was sodded last year in the spring. It covers a pretty good area. Pretty much the entire back yard. I was just wondering for the future. Definately don't want it tangeled up in my mower. Then there's aeration, slit seeding...etc.. Won't be able to do anything like that back there as long as that net is down.
  3. baddboygeorge

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    sounds like they used it to hold straw down if thats so, tear it up . i use it alot to hold a hill side but i put the netting straight on top of the soil so the grass grows thru the net it works well for erosion an run off . if you need any other help let me know thanks george
  4. Critical Care

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    This netting is used to hold sod together, and allows you to handle sod rolls. My question would be why are you seeing this? What happened to the sod?

    Sometimes when a lawn dies because of lack of irrigation, or because of disease, this netting will be exposed. If this is the case, then you probably need to bring in some topsoil or compost and reseed these areas, and you can do it right over the netting. This netting doesn’t interfere with aeration, and shouldn’t with mowing or dethatching under normal conditions, which is when there is turf on it.

    Just remember… green side up when laying sod!
  5. Critical Care

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    Does the netting look like this?

  6. sheshovel

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    Critical Care is correct,if the lawn was sodded this last spring,yhere is no reason you should be seeing that sod netting unless the sod was unsatisfactory,thin and not tightly grown.Inferior sod is my diagnosis.That lawn should be thick and green and beutifull by now unless those customers got ripped off by the guy who installed bad sod.IMO
  7. baddboygeorge

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    that netting can be used for different applications as well as other than holding sod together. here in kentucky we use it alot to hold straw on embankments so seed will germinate.
  8. kalyeah

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    yeah, the sod is didn't take in some areas. From the sound of things she wasn't too happy with the work they did for her. That's exactly what the netting looks like. So, it won't hurt to just aerate over top of the netting? I figured it would get wrapped up in the aerater.
  9. lilmarvin4064

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    That stuff is a real pain if you have to aerate the lawn. It gets all tangled up in the aerator. Been there, done that, hate it!
  10. officeguy

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    I have built two houses and both had this mesh material on the under side of the sod that was put down.

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