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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LCME, Sep 10, 2004.

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    What would you charge and how many man hours to removing 2 hedges and haul away, size about 4'x4'x4' in front yard. Then, move 2 bushes from side of home to where the hedges were located, size is about 3' round. Also, trim the outside of a small tree. Tree is about 12 feet high. Take down 1' all around. Should be able to use a pole hedge pruner/trimmer. My hourly rate is between $35-45 per man hour. Thanks in advance, LCME
  2. LCME

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    1 hour to remove 2 hedges. 2 hours to re-locate 2 bushes. 1 hour clean-up and $65 disposal fee. 4 hours x $45 per man hour= $180 labor.

    Labor= $180
    Dump= $65
    Grand total= $245

    Is this estimate close?.
  3. o-so-n-so

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    Add a hundred thirty bucks.
  4. LCME

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    Thanks o-so-n-so for the input to add $130. Talked to the customer today. My grand total estimate was $315 for all I said above. Customer said, No way! too much. Why are you charging me $65 to haul away. I would just toss them in the woods out back. I'll have my husband and his friend pull the hedges out in one hour. And, have them move the bushes in a few minutes. I told her the job will take 5 hours to complete all she asked for. Not 1 or 2 hours. Now all the customer wants is an estimate to trim the tree down 1 foot. I called her later cause she had to go. Left a message the tree trimming would be $145. Did not get a call back yet. I thought my first estimate was reasonable. My instinct's tell me she will turn down the tree trim estimate anyway. PITA customer in my opinion. Difficult to deal with.
  5. Coffeecraver

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    This is a customer that even if she called you back you should avoid.

    If you got the job and moved the bushes,and they did not make it she
    would have you buying new ones.

    Transplants of that size only have a 65% chance of making it if you do everything right.That size bush would take quite a large rootball to move.
    This could take a long time to dig just one It would take at least two guys to move it to it's new location.
    If the ball breaks during the move,you have reduced the chance of it surviving to 35%.
    The hole should already be dug wider than the ball.I think that two hours is just on the edge ,so I would estimate 3.

    I would also have her sign a paper stating that she understands that the transplants may not live they have only a 65% chance.That you will not replace them at your expence.

    Hauling is standard.You have to pay to dump,she does not.The fee,time and fuel have to be recovered.

    Trimming the tree: That is too much pruning at one time for that small tree.
    Every trim point is another wound,and entry place for decay and disease.
    There should be a good reason to trim that much.

    You would be better off to walk away from this one.
  6. o-so-n-so

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    This customer was wanting something for nothing. Why didn't she get her husband to do it in the first place instead of wasting your time.
    These are the customers that you don't want...they will nickel-n-dime you to death.

    move on..................

    Short story--I looked at a job yesterday. Man and his wife showed me everything the wanted done. I walked and looked at the complete job, ask a few questions, made a few suggestions based on my experiences. When it come to giving them a price....I repeated everything they wanted and give them my price. I had him..............they rambled on a few minutes and the old man ask me if my price was negotiable. I replied quick....Nope. I then followed with this. If you want a cheep job..I can give you a cheep job at a cheaper price. If you want it done right...this is the cost. Without hesitation the old man said "when do you want to start?"...........Before it was all over, the old man even went next door and sold me more business. I now have this customer for life unless I mess it up..........................................

    I feel good about doing the job because I'm making good money, the customer feels good knowing that the job is going to be done correctly.

    Hang in there................and good luck.
  7. LCME

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    I'm moving on...

    Have another job installing mulch this week. Thank you coffeecraver and o-so-n-so. Your comments are well taken. Thanks again, LCME

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