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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 32vld, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Lady has a lawn that has been taken over by moss. 50% of the lawn is straight moss. 25% is more moss then grass. 25% is more grass then moss.

    I have talked about the need to remove the moss, thin and remove trees, soil test, aerate, all must be done before reseeding.

    About 15,000 SF of lawn. I know moss will lift of easy with a rake or a BP blower where there is no grass.

    Will using a power rake/thatcher make the job to remove the moss that much faster/easier?

    Any other ideas?
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    In most cases such as the one you describe there is little doing, if this customer truly wants the moss gone and seriously wants to grow a beautiful lawn then the customer is looking at getting into a long-term monthly commitment involving most likely some monetary expenditures at a budget greater than a thousand dollars a year, and that's assuming we have less than 1/2 acre here.

    Long term month-to-month...
    That's years of constant attention, and not the type it's been getting.
    To deal with this situation would be roughly comparable to taking a 40 year old rust bucket and completely restoring it back to a beautiful car.
    Might not cost 50 thousand, doesn't have to be showroom condition, but it will still cost at least several thousand...
    By 'at least' I don't mean two or three minimum, and I don't mean three or four on average, either.
    A LOT of money, over time, every month 50-100 dollars, some months 100-200, 300-400 once or twice a year...

    Usually yards like that, sorry to say it, but they look the way they do for a reason. No blame, no judgments, but moss doesn't appear by accident, it doesn't happen overnight, and its presence is generally due to a number of reasons greater than one or two, has been like that for quite some time and it is not easily eliminated.

    You are correct in the assumption that a simple overseeding won't fix the problem.
    It is likely it won't even grow much, but physically removing the moss won't fix it, either.
    To grow a nice, decent lawn, several things need to be present.
    I can tell you, where Moss grows, grass does not.
    And the moss will simply come right back.

    Not getting further into it.
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  3. 32vld

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    This is an upscale North Shore location. Property taxes are $18,000. With many properties exceeding that.

    This property has been professionally maintained. Though by the looks of it the firm's name was "Who Did It and Ran".

    You know the deal where the no speak the English crew comes in and goes out as fast as they can. Calls to the owner/office got the customer no where.

    Shade, compacted soil, no lime, suspect weed and feed treatment, no annual reseeding program, nothing done to treat the moss, and the lady watered every day for 15 minutes.

    Moss will rake up easy by hand. I need to know how effective the power rake/thatcher will be in mechanically removing the moss from the three different areas that I indicated.
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    The biggest problem is watering shade every day... its what grows moss very well but grass in the shade needs to be 'low maintainance'...
    Try poa supina... excellent shade grass with runners over the top of the soil...

    If she insists on watering every day,,, I wouldn't even bother doing it becuz you are going to look as bad as the other crew that you blame now...
  5. 32vld

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    No one has answered the main question.

    How good of a job will a power rake/thatcher do lifting the moss off of the soil in the following three areas of her lawn?

    50% of the lawn is all moss

    25% is more moss then grass

    25% is is more grass then moss
  6. Smallaxe

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    It will make a mess, that you would then blow into piles and haul away when the ground is moist... what were you thinking it might do???
  7. 32vld

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    The question is not that it will make a mess and that it will needed to be blown into piles.

    The question was how good of a job will a PR/thatcher do at getting the moss completely broken free from the ground in the three areas of the lawn that I mentioned.

    I know that where there is 100% my BR 600 will completely blow away the moss.

    I am seeking feed back of how a thorough of a job will a PR/T do.

    By the way the whole lawn is surrounded by woods so I can blow every thing into the woods, no picking up or bagging required.
  8. Smallaxe

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    The power rake doesn't do the perfect job, while minimizing damage to the turf... the operator does... let us know how it turns out... :)

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