Remove Mulch Volcano?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Premier landscaping south, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Have a customer who has two bradford pear trees that are about 1/2 way grown. I am going to edge beds, mulch, trim hedges, etc. The two bradfords have huge mulch piles a the base. I would say 12"-15" up the base of the tree. They have been like that I know 2 years now. I have told the customer that that is not a good idea and should be corrected.

    My question is: Remove old mulch and expose base of tree that has been covered with the mulch? I "scraped" back some mulch and exposed some small roots that have developed on the trunk of the tree that has been covered with mulch. So better to leave well enough alone and add to the mulch volcano or remove all the old mulch?

    P.S. Planning on extending the radius of mulch to catch up with the growth of the tree.
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    Those roots are called epicormic growth. You are right it is not healthy.

    You should be able to pull it away from the base of the trunk without hurting any-thing.

    You can cut these things off like you would prune a branch.

    A tree or a plant should not have any-thing on top of it or covering its stem.
    If you bury things deeper than their original depth you will cause stress and could cause
    rotting of the trunk.

    Plant stress will attract bad insects and diseases.

    Good luck. Isn't it funny what some people think looks "cool"
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    remove the all the old and add new mulch, nothing over 2' -3' of new. thats a good way of getting collar root or root rot ( mulching that high ).

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