Removing 36-42" Taxus

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by brentsawyer, Apr 18, 2004.

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    Just did a bid for relandscaping the front of a building that has 24 36-42" Taxus and was bidding against 3 other companies. I know two of the three and one has no real good way of removing these and the other could if they were smart enough. Anyways, I have a one ton flatbed that weighs around 9000lbs and usually pull taxus out with it and they come out like hot butter and I usually make a killing when I have some to remove. I however have not had to bid against anyone and bid them out at $20 a piece for a total of $480 for no more than 2 hours work by myself and my truck which is more than able to do the job at idle since they are in an island in a parking lot. What I was wondering is what some others have bid this out at. This past winter I removed 9 that were much larger in about 30 minutes for $35/ea. I am hoping that I can sell removing them at a great price so that I would get the planting. All in all about $1800 profit for about a day's work which will be on a Saturday so no one is around to get in the way.
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    They must grow a little bit differently down there.... Of all the shrubs I have ever pulled out, yews have given me the most trouble.

    Usually we try to use a mini-excavator to do our removals, unless a stump grinder is more practical... A Bobcat 331 with a thumb attachment had trouble with the last set of yews that needed removed. Granted, these were large yews that had been growing for probably 20-30 years. From what I have seen as I pull them out, they have several taproots that go down at an angle, in addition to roots closer to the surface.

    When I dig them out, I usually dig around them first, then try to start working them out. Other shrubs usually only take a scoop or two to get out.....

    Here in another month or two, I'll probably try to pull out the yews at home with my old Allis.:D I'll try to remember to let you know how that goes!


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