Removing a Dogwood

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MFNA, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. MFNA

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    Hey guys,
    I was asked by a customer to remove a Dogwood Tree that is dead. It is not near the house nor will fall on anything nearby. Also I will not have to climb it (which I don't do anyway) What's the best way to go about removing it.. particularly dealing with the stump and root system.
  2. johnsonslawnmanagement

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    After you get it cut find a local contractor with a stump grinder. Then either spread the ground up debris out or haul it off and fill hole with soil.
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  3. Landrus2

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    1. Determine the direction of fall, remembering that a leaning tree gives you no choice in the matter. Plan a path of retreat for when the tree begins to come down and clear any obstacles in that path. Make your first cut parallel to the ground, a third of the way into the tree on the side facing the direction of fall.

    2. Make a second cut downward from above at a 60-degree angle, stopping when you meet the first cut. Remove the wedge of wood thus formed. This is the face cut, and it will guide the tree as it topples.

    3. Move to the opposite side of the trunk. With your blade parallel to the ground and positioned one to two inches above the bottom of the face cut, saw horizontally into the trunk but not all the way. Your aim is to leave a "hinge" — a strip of uncut trunk about an inch thick and parallel to the back of the face cut. The hinge keeps the tree from twisting and kicking back as it falls.

    4. As you complete the hinge, the tree will likely begin to topple. Switch off the saw and make your retreat. Don't run and don't turn around to watch. Once you hear the thud, it's safe to stop and look.

  4. integrityman

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    Depends on the size of the tree and what kinda equipment you have.

    Dogwoods are typically pretty dinky trees. For trees less than 4-5" in diameter I cut all the limbs off and cut the tree down to about 5' above the ground. Then I use my kubota tractor FEL to push it over. Roots and all usually pop right out.
  5. MFNA

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    Thanks guys I would either have to rent a stump grinder or backhoe. Do yall think you could dig out a Dogwood stump with shovel/ax I have done this in the past with large bushes...
    Also any experience with stump rot?
  6. GreenI.A.

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    whats the dba of the dogwood,

    A dog wood you should be able to just knock off the branches with your chain saw and then just 1 angled cut and knock it right over. Probably wont have to worry about a hinge cut at all. With a Dog Wood we are probably talking about 6" dba, pretty small tree. Most tontractors with a stump grinder are going to be charging yoou a few hundred minimum to come out so it's cheaper to just rent a small walk behind grinder for a half day. You'll spend more time towing from and back to the rental yard than you will spend actually running it.
  7. integrityman

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    Yes- most dogwoods are very small and able to be dug out within an hour or so. Cut the limbs off the tree so that you have a good 4-5' stub to crank around and get good leverage to help get it out.

    That said, its possible you have the worlds largest dogwood and wont be able to do that!

    How big is this tree?

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