Removing Bermuda grass from only one yard in a townhouse development

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tsmoot, Jan 16, 2007.

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    I have an upcoming job where the residence is in a development of townhomes. Everyone has Bermuda grass and its maintained by crew supplied by the management company. I am installing flower beds for my customer in her backyard. The yard has a pretty wrought iron fence and my beds are on all 3 sides. I need help with how to best remove the Bermuda grass in the spring- glyphosate or sod cutter? My biggest worry is how to do this without killing off the neighboring yards grass. Can you help me with this concern? Also how do I keep the neighbors grass from coming back in?
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    You have a big will need to use roundup but the barrier to keep it out better be a good one. I would guess you will need to treat those flower beds continuously because on the fence side the grass will come up along the fence into the beds. I have seen raised beds with permanent walls made of cement/bricks/stone. I have never seen steel or plastic edging work period.
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    First get some paint and paint out the beds. Mix up some round up and spray where the beds are going. And since you painted them out your know exactly where to spray. Wait 2 or 3 weeks and get a sod cutter and cut the now dead grass out and remove. till in your planting mix an pit in some type of edging. Plant your plants. You may have to spot spray round up any bermuda that may come up after a year or so it will eventually all be dead. If you uses 3-4" mulch it will also help kill any existing root and keep them from sprouting.
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    thanks- I know it will be hard work but have to do it. appreciate the help!

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