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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Leaf season is around the corner, along with Tree Trimming Season. This question excludes everyone who uses a dump trailer obviously.

    What method do you use for unloading debris such as leaves, or brush? I'm wondering about leaves for the most part. I was thinking of after leave clean-ups having a large tarp set-up on the high side trailer floor where all the leaves will sit, then leaving a mower in the back, to pull the tarp off. I got to thinking how many tarps I will be tearing through and came up with the idea of putting a large piece of plywood down underneath the large tarp. Drilling a hole in the plywood with a through chain. And just pulling the plywood with the loader at the dump with the 20 ft plus tarp of leaves resting on top of it.

    Any other ideas for non dump owners?
  2. AVS Lawns

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    Length of chain link, some cable and a land anchor.

    Load on top of link with it attached to back of trailer.
    Fold cable over debris
    At dump, anchor cable and drive forward.

    Link will roll it right out.
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    That's a good idea. How are you attaching the fence at the back of the trailer? Just a chain wrapped around the post on each side? Never thought about hooking to the front and folding it off. Does this work well with brush also?
  4. knox gsl

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    For tree trimmings I use a 20' cable laid across the deck of the trailer and ends hanging over the sides of the trailer. The best placement is directly over the rear axle. I use a shackle to attach the cable around the load to create a lasso around the load that will cinch tight. I normally use another cable to attach the load cable to an anchor at the dump. If done right I can unload as fast as a dump trailer. Leaves, I use a pallet attached to the cable and anchored the same way. I just stand the pallet at the front of the trailer and it will drag all the leaves out if they are packed tight. If not packed the pallet will just slide under.
  5. SP55669

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    I haven't found a GREAT way to do leaves yet. I use my blower. Takes me about half hour to unload a full 18'Lx70"Wx4'H trailer. I have seen some try the chainlink fence roll idea. They said it work until the fence stretch and stretched and stretched.
    But off subject for PicturePerfectLawns. As for tarp's. I get mine from the billboard people. You know the advertisement bilboards. Now adays they use big heavy duty tarps (canvas). I checked around and accumulated a couple free but, sometimes they don't just give them away. But a lot of times they will sell the old ones (still in good condition) for $10-$15. Real good sizes, very strong, durable, weather resistant, and A LOT cheaper.
  6. Nh scape

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    I've heard/seen those load handler mats with the crank on the tailgate work good. U just unwind the handle then wind back up. Does like 500pkus lbs. I think
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    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I may try one of those this yr. There's a heavy duty one that says it holds 2000lbs.
    Usually we put a tarp on the bottom of the truck bed or trailer and try to pull it or fold it over w a couple guys - but usually still have to remove some by hand if its a real heavy load.
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  8. AVS Lawns

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    Couple of muffler clamps work well.

    I have had luck with small brush, larger than your wrist tends to hang up when trying to roll over.
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  9. OakNut

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    My trailer is small (5x8 w/2.5' sides) but I still can't pull out a single tarp by hand and there's no way to attach anything to pull it off at the dump, so I just layer the tarps as I load debris.

    Pretty easy to pull off 4 or 5 loads rather than one full load.
  10. AVS Lawns

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    Old ford 9" axle driven into the ground at a 45 works well as a land anchor.
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