Removing Deck on Mini Z + Undercoating

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Zebedee, May 14, 2004.

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    How easy is it to remove the mowing deck on a mini Z. I want to really clean off the deck and coat it with something to stop the grass sticking so much. I know the mini Z deck is b not as deep as full size deck and maybe that's why it collects so much grass. I'm sure all the rain we've had lately is probably yhe main reason.

    Anyway, I need to sharpen current blades and possibly install high lift blades if they didn't come standard.

    What does anyone recommend to coat uderside of deck ??

    I have a can of some kind of teflon spray but it looks more like a lubricant than a permanent coating solution.

    Sorry abot so many questions


  2. mowerconsultant

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    Removing the deck is a fairly simple job, but with the weight of the deck and having to move it around it could get to be a chore.
    I would look at lifting the unit with a jack or a chain fall from a sturdy beam.
    Yes, the extra rain and moisture content of the grass will tend to cause grass to build up in the decks this time of year.
    I do not have a recommendation of a spray or coating, but I am sure there are many threads about this on LS, do a search you will find them easily and I am sure someone will post here with some info.
    The blades that come standard on the Mini Z have a 42 degree sail, there is a optional higher lift blade available it has a 55 degree sail.
    For a 44" deck the std blade is part # 784256 and the hi-lift blade is part # 787739
    For a 52" deck the std blade is part # 783753 and the hi-lift blade is part # 787721

    Hope this helps
  3. J.Gordon

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    I run Double high-lifts this time of year for lush grass. For deck coatings I have used Slip-plate and found it doesnÂ’t last long enough to justify the time and cost of putting it on. After about a week its wore off. Good luck with the deck coatings! If you find one that will last let me know.

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