Removing epoxy from concrete

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by captbob, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I am doing a large Pressure job on a Govt. Facility appx 5000 sq ft . of sidewalk A roofing contractor epoxy sealed the brick walls and the spray gun he was using leaked bad I mean bad there are long spills about 2 inches wide and complete
    areas about 3-4 ft. around a very large building . The sealer used was a 2 part with A Zylene thinner . I do not have the Mfg. but it''s been down about 2 weeks. I have about 12 hours working with Pure Zylene and MTK. I can get the epoxy up with the Zy. but the stains will just not come up below the glue with
    what I have been using . I have a 16 hp honda with a gear drive Cat pump
    and Turbo tip, 4200 PSI at 4.6 GPM , Concrete is flying but the stain stays
    To say the least I am frustrated. I have to put the ZY. down and hit it with pressure before it evaporates about 15-20 seconds it took 4 hours of work for about a 40 foot of this mess just to remove the glue about 5-6 applications for each little stretch. Any help ?
    Thanks Capt Bob
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    1)put the washer away, blend/feather the stains with a angle grinder or...

    2)forget the stains, finnish washing the entire walk normaly then just skim coat it with a concreat resurfacer.
  3. George Mason

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    I have a customer - lawn - that did a paver patio himself over the winter. He has a few places where he got epoxy on the pavers and they are now stained.

    What does this mean, to blend/feather the stains?

    He asked how to get rid of them, and I told him I hadn't a clue but might have a friend that knows the answer... so friends, any other ideas or explanations?


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    yOU CAN RENT A diamond floor sander- my brother used one to remove old epooxy paint in a basement floor before tiling. I can't remember what exactly the tool was called but it was about 6" in diameter and worked very well.

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