removing excavator tracks

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by shaneswann, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. shaneswann

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    I just purchased a hitachi EX60 that needs some undercarriage work done
    and was wondering if anyone had any good tips on removing the masterlink
    pin.They are steel tracks ,one pin has a hollow end I guess this one is the
    master pin and if so which way should I drive it?Any help would be great!!
    This is my 1st excavator I have very little seat time in this machine These
    machines are great clearing land and stump removal
  2. gammon landscaping

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    that suck that it does not have a bolt together system the cat loaders that we have have a masterlink that when you take out the pad bolts the track comes apart. if you have to drive the pin out you have a job on your hands. well you need a big hammer like a 20lb sledge and a pin driver which is just like a punch on a handle it needs to be just a bit smaller than the pin you are driving. when you start get the pin in a place where the idler will hold it. if you are driving it and it is bouncing you are wasting your time it won't come out. get some one to hold the pin driver on the pin and hit it with all you have. if it doesn't move after the first hit or two take a torch and heat the link around the pin and it will swell and make it looser. then get back on the hammer real quick. i assume that you are taking them to have the pins and bushing turned or have new pins and bushing installed.?.?.?.? the track shop should press pin back in to a starting position so you can drive it back together if no track shop stuff and you are just replacing rollers/idlers somthing like that then getting that pin started back in may not be much fun, just use the torch agian it is about the only way to "press" stuff with a hammer. i like to think of our tourch and hammer as a poormans press
    and when you put all of this back together CLEAN IT first it will make it all go easyer

    i just broke down the tracks on a 953b friday and my back still hurts
  3. tylermckee

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    easy, just get a new operator to head diagnal down a muddy hill, he'll have the tracks off in a minute or two.
  4. Squizzy246B

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    Most people try and keep them on!
  5. befnme

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    the best way to do it is to release the pressure in side that keeps the tracks tight.once you do that use a large block of wood to put infront of the tracks standing up .then use the hoe bucket to push on the tracks until it releases pressure enough to give you some that point you will have enough slack to carefully and slowly turn the one trac off .to do this use the hoe bucket to pick that side of the machine off of the ground a very little bit , now put a prybar or wood between the track and pulley and turn the track slowly while pulling out ward and there ya go.thr reverse to put it back on . but it will take a large amount of grease to pump the pulley back out to the specified tension.

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